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  • 27-Jan-2017

    Hands-Free Cell Phone Use: Is it Any Safer?

    Beginning January 2017, drivers are offered no exceptions for holding their cell phone while driving. This includes any and all of the following actions among all other actions that require you to have your phone in your hand and not on the steering ...
  • 27-Jan-2017

    What Are Common Mistakes Made When Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

    Accidents can occur in a split second with no prior warning, and therefore, you may very well be unprepared for the filing process. In many cases, you will be left with expensive medical bills and little understanding of what to do next. Therefore, ...
  • 21-Dec-2016

    Most Common Holiday-Related Accidents

    Everyone wants to rest, relax, and celebrate with friends and family during the holidays. No matter how comfortable you get, though, it is crucial that you do not let basic safety practices and standards slip. Otherwise, your holiday season could be ...
  • 15-Nov-2016

    Traffic Accidents Due to Human Error on the Rise

    Despite major advances in automotive technology and the introduction of state-of-the-art safety features such as blind spot detection, vehicle stabilizers, anti-lock brakes, and lane departure warnings in modern cars, car accidents are still one of ...
  • 4-Nov-2016

    Behind Unoccupied Front Seat, Safest Spot for Kids in Cars

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been telling people to avoid seating their children in the front of cars for years. Recently, the Center for Auto Safety (CAS) has pleaded for the NHTSA to make its wording even more ...
  • 21-Oct-2016

    US DHHS Removes Forced Arbitration Clauses from Nursing Home Contracts

    If you have been particularly lucky in your life, as least in terms of encountering legal problems, you are probably not aware of the concept of forced arbitration. Put simply, it is a clause, often hidden, in many contracts that states if any ...
  • 10-Oct-2016

    The Hidden Signs of Elder Abuse

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Psychological Association (APA) warn that every year, somewhere between one million and two million elders will be abused, neglected, or emotionally bullied in some way. While this ...
  • 26-Sep-2016

    Trampoline Injuries Spike Due to Increase in Trampoline Parks

    According to a study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), injuries at trampoline parks have skyrocketed in recent years. Despite being marketed to children as a fun way to exercise, trampolines have been known to be dangerous and ...
  • 9-Sep-2016

    Preventing Teenage Car Accidents: 5 Tips to Follow

    It is a well-known fact that teenage drivers are less experienced behind the wheel and have a higher tendency to make mistakes. But just how far-reaching is this issue? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motor vehicle ...
  • 20-Apr-2016

    Drunk Driving Statistics in Connecticut: Finding a Solution

    Drunk driving and resulting DUI-related car accidents have been a major concern for safety organizations nationwide for decades now. Statistics and studies coming out of Connecticut show that the state has its own significant trouble with this ...
  • 7-Apr-2016

    Distracted Driving Awareness Month - April 2016

    Sadly, our office has seen an increase in distracted driving accidents which have resulted in significant injuries to our clients. It is no secret that talking or texting on a cellphone while driving costs hundreds of Americans their lives every year ...
  • 12-Feb-2016

    Assault in Nursing Homes: Prevention and Reaction

    Elders are often placed into nursing home facilities because they can no longer take care of themselves, and immediate family members do not have the time or resources to provide for them. An unfortunate consequence of being geriatric or invalid is ...
  • 16-Dec-2015

    When to File a Nursing Home Abuse Claim

    As baby boomers begin to enter their later years and life expectancy continues to rise, the demand for round-the-clock senior care is increasing. Unfortunately, this has also led to an increase in nursing home abuse. While many elder care centers ...
  • 9-Dec-2015

    Winter Driving: Preventing a Car Accident

    Icy road conditions during winter can increase a person’s risk of being involved in a car accident by a large margin. According to the Federal Highway Administration, an average of approximately 225,000 crashes occur each year due to falling ...
  • 4-Dec-2015

    Avoiding a Slip and Fall Accident This Winter

    As the snow begins to fall, so do people. Sleet and icy walkways typically contribute to an increase in slip and fall injuries during the winter, leading to untimely medical bills and missed work. Our firm offers some invaluable tips to help you and ...


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