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Assault in Nursing Homes: Prevention and Reaction

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Nursing Home Abuse, Personal Injury |

Elders are often placed into nursing home facilities because they can no longer take care of themselves, and immediate family members do not have the time or resources to provide for them. An unfortunate consequence of being geriatric or invalid is the inability to defend oneself from abuse. When caretakers at nursing home facilities become violent or aggressive, they may lash out and assault the elders under their care, who can do little to prevent the attack. If you have a loved one in a nursing home, you need to be aware that it usually falls upon family members to be the ones to step up and stop the abuse.

Signs of battery upon your elder may include:

  • Bruising
  • Ripped clothing
  • Unhealed wounds
  • Missing hair

Assault is technically defined as using intimidation tactics to scare or coerce someone. With this mind, it could be possible that your elder is being assaulted without actually being physically harmed. This is in no way excusable and must also be immediately addressed and prevented from happening ever again.

If you think your elder has been assaulted, look for telltale signs, such as:

  • Uncharacteristic silence
  • Mood swings or anxiety
  • Fear around a particular orderly
  • Lost money or financial drain

What Can I Do to Stop Nursing Home Abuse?

The moment you believe there is some form of assault or battery being inflicted upon your elder, you need to take steps to remove them from that nursing home as soon as you can. You may want to alert the authorities before you inform management of what is going on, as the accusation could actually spur further abuse. Remember: your elder may be relying on you to take control of the situation – do not hesitate when their health and mental wellbeing are being jeopardized.

You can also file a civil lawsuit against the offender, separate from any criminal charges that assuredly will be coming their way. In this injury case, you can pursue damages for the emotional and physical harm against your elder. You may also be able to recover whatever costs you paid to have them stay at the facility, which was unable to control its staff and protect its patrons.

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