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When do companies have to warn customers of product dangers?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Some products have inherent dangers, especially if they are not used properly or not used for their intended purposes. However, it is not always clear what certain products can be used for and what they cannot be used for. People sometimes use a certain product for many different purposes.

Sometimes the products people use can malfunction or break and cause injuries, both when being used for the intended purpose and also when they are being used for other purposes. Sometimes this problem merely creates inconveniences for consumers who must wait to finish a project. In other situations people can suffer significant injuries as a result of something that went wrong with the product. That is why manufacturers and sellers of the products people use have a duty to warn customers of the potential dangers.

Factors used to determine if a warning was inadequate

If the manufacturers or sellers do not adequately warn customers of dangers, they may be held liable for compensating the victims for their injuries. When determining whether they are liable, there are certain factors to analyze. These are:

  • The likelihood that the product could harm someone.
  • Whether the seller could anticipate that the customer would be aware of the potential dangers and injuries they could suffer while using the product.
  • The feasibility and cost of warnings and instructions for use of the product.
  • The customers must also demonstrate that with a proper warning, they would not have suffered the injury.

The injuries people in Connecticut may suffer as a result of a defective product varies. However, some people suffer significant injuries which affect the financially as well as physically. People may need significant medical treatment and also lose income if they are unable to work as they recover from the injuries. That is why it is important that people receive compensation from sellers who do not adequately warn them of the potential dangers which led to the injuries. Experienced attorneys understand these complicated matters and may be able to guide one through the process.