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For-Profit Nursing Homes Cause Increased Danger

For-Profit Nursing Homes Cause Increased Danger

Consumers often hear the mantra “you get what you pay for” and in most incidents this is true. The higher the cost, the higher the value, you can expect. When it comes to nursing homes, however, they might be a dangerous exception to the rule.

A University of San Francisco study looked into the reported safety of nursing homes and incidents of nursing home abuse and found that for-profit nursing homes and clinics were among the most dangerous. The study used close to 14,000 government inspection records of nursing homes all across the country, including for-profit, nonprofit, and public nursing homes. The researchers were looking for incidents of neglect, unacceptable hazards, abusive orderlies and nurses, theft, elder-to-elder abuse, and other forms of danger. It was determined that for-profit nursing homes, which were often the most expensive clinics on the market, were 46% more likely to be dangerous than nonprofit homes and 43% riskier than public homes.

Possible Explanations for Increased Danger

Researchers were surprised by the results, which seemed to contradict expectations. While the data and study were thorough, the explanations are not exactly clear. Most inspection reports will mention a problem found by the inspector but not necessary give a reason why it occurred.

The unfortunate reality may be that some for-profit nursing homes are more interested in their profit than their patients and wards. Reducing their costs where they can without reducing their rates means more money in their pocket at the end of the fiscal year. This notion seemed to be backed by further information that UCSF and Harvard researchers found, which showed that for-profit clinics tended to have up to 33% less registered nurses and doctors on staff than nonprofit and public nursing homes. Having less people to help in an emergency or around-the-clock may be cheaper but it also increases the chance of an elder being harmed or neglected.

If you would like to know more information about nursing home laws, you can contact Sette & Parnoff, PC. Our Hamden nursing home abuse attorneys can also help you file a claim against a potentially-abusive nursing home, protecting your elder and seeking compensation for their wrongdoing. Call 203.285.3075 today for a free case evaluation.


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