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Unexplained Fractures in Nursing Homes

Unexplained Fractures in Nursing Homes

We unfortunately have seen a number of unexplained fractures sustained by senior citizens in Connecticut who have been placed in the care of a nursing home. When you choose a nursing home, you do so with the anticipation that they will see to it that your loved ones are looked after and taken care of with the most delicate and compassionate care. It’s both surprisingly and unfortunately common for nursing homes to neglect this responsibility, which can lead to a number of health issues, including unexplained bone fractures.

While any sort of fall can result in a painful bone break and the need for extensive medical treatment, there are certain types of unexplained fractures that can suggest that a fall was not the cause. Instead, nursing homes have been found to be both willfully and unintentionally neglecting the health of their residents.

How do you know if a bone break may have been the result of abuse? There are a few tell-tale signs. First, a break will rarely occur in the middle of a large bone (such as a femur) on an individual who is particularly inactive or has trouble with their own mobility. If your loved one struggles to walk and rarely moves without assistance from a nurse and a wheelchair, then your loved one may be the victim of willful nursing home abuse. Caregivers can sometimes be too rough with their residents, and while sometimes these breaks occur as a result of excessive force, commonly during turning, transferring, or positioning maneuvers, other times they may be caused by intentional physical abuse.

As stated previously, we have seen a number of these injuries, and we are dedicated to helping victims and their families hold these negligent nursing homes and elderly care facilities accountable for their actions. The consequences of one of these injuries can potentially be severe because of the brittle nature of older bones, including the need for painful surgeries which are expensive and could result in premature death. For this reason, you should not hesitate to retain an attorney who can help you with your claim.

At Sette & Parnoff, PC, we understand the importance of high-quality and trustworthy care for your loved ones, and we take claims of elder abuse very seriously. We believe in getting you the compensation you deserve for any accidents or mistreatments a retirement home can be held liable for, and we work hard to ensure you get the successful outcome to your case you deserve. Our Hamden elder abuse lawyers can assist you with more than 40 years of combined, trusted legal experience and an extensive record of successful cases.

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