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How to Stay Out of a Commercial Truck Driver's Blind Spots

How to Stay Out of a Commercial Truck Driver's Blind Spots

Massive commercial trucks, big rigs, tractor trailers, and 18-wheelers all come with massive blind spots. When a driver lingers in one of these blind spots, the odds of a devastating truck accident occurring will increase dramatically. To make matters worse for the driver in the smaller vehicle, partial liability could fall upon them if it is proven that they stayed within a blind spot for too long and made no reasonable attempt to leave it.

In order to avoid both a truck accident and liability, you need to know about truck driver blind spots:

1. Over the left shoulder of the driver and in the first adjacent lane.

2. Approximately one-car length directly in front of the cab and an equivalently-sized space one lane to the right.

3. One to two car lengths directly behind the trailer; the longer the trailer, the larger the blind spot.

4. A widening cone beginning at the passenger door of the cab, and extending backwards and to the right; at least three adjacent lanes to the right will be in this “blind cone.”

Additional safety tips to remember when driving around large tractor trailers:

  • Never cut off a commercial truck or another large, industrial vehicle. Stopping a vehicle of that size and weight requires an extended braking distance, which you will eliminate if you cut in front of it.
  • Only attempt to pass a truck when you know you have the space and time to do so quickly. The longer you linger to the side of a truck, even if you aren’t entirely in a blind spot, the more likely you are going to get sideswiped. You should also only attempt to pass on the left since the right-side blind “cone” is much larger than the spot on the left.
  • Remember the blind spot behind the truck and increase your following distance. If you follow a smaller vehicle three seconds behind, you should follow a commercial truck four or five seconds back.

I Was Hit in a Blind Spot – Am I Liable?

Just because you were in a blind spot when a commercial truck struck you does not mean you are partially liable for the damages. With a proper investigation and approach to your claim, you could even be absolved of any liability. For legal guidance during your truck accident claim, retain the services of Sette & Parnoff, PC and our Hamden truck accident attorneys. With more than 40 years of total legal experience and a history of impressive case results, we believe we should be your first choice of personal injury lawyers.

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