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Photo of David V. Parnoff and Fred Sette

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Have you been injured by the negligence of someone else, such as a careless driver, doctor, pet owner or property owner? You are probably dealing with lost time from work and medical bills, plus the pain and limitations of your injuries. You should not have to pay or sacrifice more than you already have because of others’ careless actions. You have rights, but you may need legal help to enforce them.

The Hamden personal injury lawyers of Sette & Parnoff, PC are committed to helping you secure a fair financial recovery after an auto accident or other injury. Our firm has served New Haven County for more than 50 years. You can trust our legal team to take good care of you in the aftermath of your accident.

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Why Trust Sette & Parnoff With Your Injury Case?

  • Insider knowledge of the insurance world — As a former insurance adjuster
  • Local knowledge — The communities, traffic laws, tendencies of area judges
  • Solid reputation — Dozens of 5-star reviews from grateful clients
  • Millions of dollars in recoveries — Extensive track record of settlements and verdicts
  • House calls – We can travel out to you to make this process more convenient if you can’t come to us

Wide Experience With Personal Injury

If you need a personal injury lawyer in New Haven County, Sette & Parnoff has handled the full spectrum of claims, including:

  • Auto collisions: You can be confident that our car crash attorneys have successfully represented clients injured in many different types of motor vehicle accidents. We can help you seek full and fair compensation following your own car accident.
  • Nursing home abuse: It is a difficult decision to place an aging loved one in a nursing home. If you later discover or suspect that your family member has suffered elder abuse, neglect or other forms of nursing home negligence, the guilt can feel overwhelming. But you are not at fault – the nursing home is. We will investigate and help you fight for accountability and justice.
  • Premises liability: Were you seriously injured due to hazardous conditions on commercial or residential property? If your injuries were due to the property owner’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation in a premises liability litigation. Our attorneys will investigate the details of the accident to establish the responsibility of the property owner. Then, we will seek all available forms of compensation through claims against the negligent property owner and their insurance company.
  • Dog bites: Despite the fact that most dogs are friendly and tame, dog bite injuries are all too common. These attacks can result in deep wounds, broken bones, serious infections, scarring and disfigurement or even death. Sadly, many victims are children. Connecticut law holds dog owners strictly liable when their pets attack others, but securing and maximizing compensation from the at-fault owner is best achieved with the help of an experienced attorney like those at our firm.
  • Slip-and-falls: Don’t let a negligent property owner convince you that your slip-and-fall accident was due to your own clumsiness or inattention. These incidents are often the result of unaddressed hazards like spilled liquids or icy patches and snow that have not been cleared in a timely manner. Sometimes, they are a sign of unsafe working conditions that endanger employees and visitors alike. Our attorneys can help you investigate the cause of the accident and will work to prove liability.
  • Trucking accidents: Crashes involving giant semi-trucks often result in catastrophic or fatal injuries for occupants of smaller vehicles. After a trucking accident, it is critical to conduct a thorough investigation to determine if there was negligence on the part of the truck driver or trucking company. In some cases, irresponsible truck manufacturers and repair shops may also be to blame. Please don’t accept an insurance company settlement without first consulting with an attorney who fights for your best interests.
  • Uber and Lyft accidents: Drivers for rideshare companies receive almost no special training, and inexperience is a factor in many crashes. Moreover, rideshare drivers must constantly interact with their phones to manage ride requests and navigation, increasing the risk of an accident caused by distracted driving. After a crash, many accident victims find that rideshare companies will go to great lengths to deny liability. If you were injured in a crash involving a rideshare vehicle, our lawyers want to help protect your rights and exercise your legal options.
  • Bicycle accidents: Connecticut infrastructure was designed for the convenience of motor vehicle drivers. There are too few biking paths or dedicated lanes for riders, leading to many incidents in which bicyclists are sideswiped, cut off or struck by passing motor vehicle traffic. Our firm can help you manage the aftermath of a bicycle accident and seek the funds you need to cope with life-changing injuries and disabilities.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Sadly, motorcycle accidents are common despite being almost entirely preventable. Drivers of larger vehicles (cars and trucks) fail to keep a lookout for bikers, and crashes often occur during unsafe lane changes, left turns across oncoming traffic, passing too closely and stopping suddenly without warning. Our attorneys will take the time to hear your story and will work tirelessly to obtain compensation for your motorcycle accident.
  • Defective product injuries: You cannot assume a product is safe just because it is on store shelves. Each year, millions of Americans are injured and/or killed by dangerous and defective products – only some of which are ever subject to a recall. Whether the product that injured you suffered from a design defect, a manufacturing issue, or a lack of instruction and warnings, our firm can help you in the fight for accountability.

A Former Insurance Adjuster Working Your Case

David Parnoff brings more than 30 years of experience in auto accident and personal injury claims, including many years working for the insurance companies. He understands what you are up against when trying to get an insurer to pay what your claim is worth. Knowing their process for evaluating claims and their tactics for downplaying or denying those claims, Attorney Parnoff helps you level the playing field. He will faithfully pursue the maximum compensation to which you are entitled, including identifying all liable parties and available coverages.

Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer In New Haven County?

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