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Avoid these seven summertime driving dangers

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | Personal Injury |

With summer now in full force, many people are hitting the road for vacation and to visit family. Although these activities can generate a lot of joy and excitement, they can also create risk. After all, studies have shown that the more miles you drive, the greater your risk of being involved in a car accident, which is why it’s a good idea to start thinking now about what you can do to protect yourself from some of the most dangerous hazards out there during the summer season.

Top dangers to avoid during summertime driving

There are a lot of dangers that you might come across when out on the road this summer. Here are some of the biggest ones that you’ll want to be cognizant of and work to avoid:

  1. Construction zones: As you’ve probably already noticed, there’s a sharp uptick in the number of construction zones in New Haven County and surrounding areas once the weather warms up. With these construction zones come lane restrictions, reduced speed limits, and modified traffic patterns. These changes can take inattentive and otherwise distracted drivers by surprise, which means you might find yourself in the path of a driver who swerves into your lane or quickly slams on the brakes.
  2. Wet roads: When summer storms hit, roads can become slippery and visibility can be drastically reduced. As a result, drivers tend to drive erratically, often causing them to hydroplane and lose control of their vehicle, or drive too slowly, which could increase the risk of a rear-end collision.
  3. Bicyclists: More people are going to be out and about when the weather is nice this summer, including those who like riding a bike. The presence of these individuals on the roadway can pose a risk for those drivers who aren’t paying attention. These motorists might have to swerve or abruptly hit the brakes to avoid hitting a bicyclist. This can result in a devastating wreck that involves multiple vehicles.
  4. Motorcyclists: With more motorcycles on the road, drivers will need to be extra cautious when changing lanes and making left turns. If they’re not, they might miss a nearby motorcyclist, which could result in high-speed wreck.
  5. Tire blowouts: As the weather heats up, tire pressures increase. In some instances, this can cause a tire to explode, which then sends other vehicles veering to try to avoid the debris. This evasive maneuvering can result in a wreck, but so, too, can the vehicle whose tire has blown, as that driver may completely lose control of their vehicle.
  6. Potholes: Although many potholes are filled during the summer months, this patchwork takes time. Therefore, as you’re traveling this summer, you’ll probably experience people swerving to avoid these potholes or hitting the brakes to go over them slowly. Either way, these driving actions might increase the chances that you’ll be involved in a serious car wreck.
  7. Engine overheating: If a car engine overheats, it’s going to break down. This can create a major traffic hazard, as a stalled vehicle forces traffic to slow or stop in unexpected places. As a result, these situations tend to lead to rear-end collisions.

Stay safe this summer

Although there’s a lot to contend with this summer, you can take steps to protect yourself. There are a number of defensive driving tactics that you can implement to keep yourself and your family safe, including driving the speed limit and providing ample distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.

If you do end up involved in an accident, you might want to consider if legal action is warranted. If it is, now may be the time to act to fight for the compensation that you deserve.