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Three Things Commercial Truck Drivers Aren't Allowed to Do While Driving

Three Things Commercial Truck Drivers Aren't Allowed to Do While Driving

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has long been attempting to curb dangerous truck driver behaviors through regulations and rules that all commercial truckers must follow. These commercial vehicles can weigh as much as 80,000 lbs and a crash with another vehicle can result in significant and sometimes fatal injuries. The end goal is reaching a day when there are no more truck accidents on American highways. Despite the harsh penalties that can be associated with an FMCSA violation, there are still three dangerous behaviors truckers frequently practice.

Three common yet prohibited behind-the-wheel practices of truck drivers are:

  1. Smartphone use: Even though not every state has outright banned all cellphone use while driving, the habit is undeniably dangerous and the FMSCA acknowledges that much by prohibiting all commercial truckers from texting or talking on a smartphone while driving. Truckers and their parent companies can pay hefty fines if this rule is violated, whether or not a truck accident was caused.
  2. Radar detector use: Some drivers like to have a radar detector on their dashboard to know when a police officer is nearby. Such devices are banned in commercial trucks, as it is believed that a truck driver would likely speed when the radar detector stated no law enforcement vehicles were nearby. The FMCSA believed the problem would be so prevalent, it created a ban on all radar detector devices.
  3. Carrying extra passengers: In order to make the 11+ hour workday seem a bit shorter, many truck drivers choose to bring along a passenger, such as a friend or family member who needs a ride to the next town. Any passenger that is not authorized by the parent trucking company is strictly forbidden from entering the cab. Speaking with a passenger has been found to be a significant form of driver distraction that removes mental acuity and focus. Arguably, no passenger should be allowed to ride with a truck driver with extensive shifts or routes, even if the trucking company approves of it.

Were you seriously injured in a truck accident caused by a commercial truck driver? If you can prove that the trucker was engaging in any of the three aforementioned practices, it could result in full liability against the trucker and trucking company.

At Sette & Parnoff, PC, we work diligently to explore all angles of our clients’ personal injury cases. Our Hamden truck accident attorneys can investigate your claims and that of the truck driver to get to the truth, locate sources of liability – like talking on the cellphone or speeding – and pursue justice and compensation on your behalf. Call 203.285.3075 to set up a free case evaluation to get started without having to reach into your wallet.


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